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St. Xavier’s Institution


St. Xavier’s Institution is nearly 6000 strong. It is a school where we educate to empower, innovate and advance.  To channelise   the magical energy pulsating inside the students, to ignite their dreams, to fuel purpose and inspire transformation, every year in the languid hours of winter we organize Xavi Carnival – an extravaganza to escape from the grey, dull, tedium of the wintry landscape. In the Carnival we organize Annual Sports Meet, Exhibition, Cultural Programme and joy rides for the vibrant young pupils of our school.  Xavi Carnival is the time to wallow in the resonant leisure hours and tinge our heart with the children’s colour, the colour of young smile and spirit while inspiring the students in their ecstasy of self-revelation.


This year the cultural cadence of winter wonder of our school is from 21st  December, 2013 to 23rd  December 2013 and the Sports Meet is on 18th & 19th December 2013.   

Students and guardians are invited to bask and coalesce in the caleidoscopic colour of the CARNIVAL.